Innovative Media Ideas

We traverse brand persona in our media sales process: Conceptualization of Media Packages, Content in Offering, Time of Broadcast and other offline collaborations.

Targeted Media

We are a Media Sales Representative for Satellite TV and related media platforms.

Digital Media Mastery

We are Masters of Digital Media and Engagement, not just taking advantage of platforms, but latching unto sweet-points, and encouraging engagements with brands we represent.

Return On Investments

We keep our eyes on the ball and on the task until it is complete, accepted, and has a return on investment.
Who We Are

We Start With A Blank Canvas

Trending Media Africa is a Media Sales Representative for Satellite TV and related media platforms. We are a company with a clear vision of what customer relationship and satisfaction should be in an industry that deals with big advertising budgets and a saturated media space.

To us at TRENDING MEDIA AFRICA, Media Sales is not just about selling; it is about understanding the brand, the target and the message. We apply this holistic approach, resulting in the delivery of maximum value in terms of revenue from the TV Platforms, Social TV owners, as well as the content producers we represent, ultimately creating ROI for our advertisers.

We want to be known as the Creative Media Sales Company who delivers results by bringing game-changing innovation coupled with trade marketing flair to make valuable results possible every time.

Only Our Best

Why Are We Different?

We push our boundaries and bend over to almost breaking point to make Media sales possible. We see our Clients/Agencies as business partners and we relate to them as such. But that’s not all… We brainstorm, think, research, brood and sleep over our clients’ needs for this simple reason: Without them, we are nothing!

Sales Representatives

Trending Media Africa is a Media Sales Representative for Satellite TV and related media platforms; as well as designing integrated exposure strategies on multiple platforms for our clients.

Custom Ideas

Over 34 types of coffee worldwide, and still counting… from black to turkish, to espresso, to percolated, macchiato, breve… we know our clients are unique, and we design solutions accordingly.

Our Playground

Where do you want to be seen or heard? Which market would you like to target? To whom would you like to speak? All over Africa, we have established strategic partnerships. Let us project your brand.


Our Key strategy is to deliver Return on Investments for our clientele. Born in Media, and weaned on Social Media and Social TV, we draw from our core to constantly create innovative media ideas.


We are unique. We think outside the box, or circle, or whatever confinement that encumbers conventional media midwives. We think and work uniquely, and seek to project these in our results.

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